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Retro Daisy Square Crochet Pattern

Retro Daisy Square Crochet Pattern


This retro daisy pattern is a challenge, but so addictive once you get it. Perfect to make blankets, bags, pants, waistcoats and whatever else you put your mind to!


Each square takes approximately an hour to finish, and is 12cm x 12cm if using the same yarn weight and hook size as the example. This pattern uses US terms.


There are videos and plenty of information and pictures of every step. Still, I would say it’s too tricky for beginners. Please don’t hesitate to message me as I’m here to help 💗 


You start by making the flower, and then going in with the background unlike some of the other patterns which have you make the petals and background simultaneously.

Upon purchase, you will receive a secure link to the file via email.


There are two versions of the document. One with a dark background - I find it is easier on the eyes when viewing on a screen, and the other with a light background for printing. The dark background is the one that is automatically sent, please contact me if you’d like the lighter version. 


Pattern design based on a vintage pattern my grandmother made in the 70s.


Please note that this is a digital product, and therefore I do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges. This is an original pattern; please do not reproduce or re-sell as a lot of effort went into making it. Thank you for your understanding and support.